Shane O’Donnell

An experienced interaction designer, iOS engineer and general software maker in Austin, Texas.

I’m a co-founder and iOS developer forBenefit,a fundraising platform that raises thousands every month for schools and charities. In a previous life, I was the design lead forForge,which was named ‘Editors Choice’ and ‘Best App of February’on the iPad App Store. Before that, I played the part of UX designer for biotech Complete Genomics’sGenome VoyagerAlpha, which has since been bought by BGI. As a child, I completed successful projects for brand giants like Apple, Cisco, Sony, and Oracle.

On design teams, I excel at designing and building high fidelity prototypes to test solutions and eliminate documentation. On development teams, I carry the design vision through the process and translate it to the final product while optimizing the user experience through the process. On sports teams, I shine as an all around nice guy with limited athletic ability. My hybrid skillset and multifaceted perspective lends itself well to all teams who want to create successful, and exceptionally polished software.